Creative one-on-one tutoring for enrichment or remediation personalizes learning so that your child has that “Aha!” moment and finally makes the connections to acquire new skills and knowledge. All of Dream Workshop’s programs help children make connections that lead to innovative thinking and life long exploration. Museum visits that inspire creativity are part of every program. Dream Workshop creates life long learners by developing a child’s global knowledge and making Science, History and the Arts come alive. We teach students study skills, organization, and test taking strategies


Philosophy and Background

1. Why choose Dream Workshop for tutoring?
Dream Workshop truly tailors tutoring to your child’s individual needs. I believe in working on both content and the skills necessary to succeed. I help students learn to set goals and accomplish them through practice and hard work and celebrate mistakes because we all learn as much from our mistakes as we do from our successes. I teach students to understand how to work with different teachers’ grading style to achieve the best results in a course. In addition to content, I also teach testing­taking strategies and concentration and relaxation techniques that allow kids to perform at their optimal level. I hope to inspire a love of learning, develop meta­cognition (knowledge of your own learning process and thinking) and encourage a “can­do” attitude in my students!
2. What is your teaching background?
I have more than ten years of experience teaching at New York City’s independent schools. I have taught students from kindergarten through high school in Art, Science, English, History and Computer Science using the latest technology. I began my career teaching at The Dalton School as a 1st grade teacher. After which, I became the middle school computer science teacher at Trinity School and founded an award-winning robotics team. Additionally, I helped organize the annual “Trinity Robo-Expo” for students to share their robotic creations. Most recently, I taught 7th grade programming game design and 6th­10th grade technology at the Spence School. If you’d like to know more about ME, check out my About page!
3. What tutoring programs do you offer?
I offer a variety of programs including: Reading and Writing Skills, Elementary Math Enrichment, Science Enrichment (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy), Test­Taking skills and techniques, ERB test prep, ISEE test prep. *This list of program offerings is not a comprehensive. Please let us know if there is something specific that you are interested in.

Scheduling, Payment, and Cancellation

1. How do I schedule tutoring sessions?
You can schedule tutoring sessions via e-mail or phone.
2. If I (parent) need to cancel or reschedule a session, how much notice do I need to give? Will you still charge me a fee?
48 hours notice before a session is required. Sessions not cancelled more than 48 hours in advance are charged a fee for the session.
3. What about holidays, vacations, and inclement weather?
If students know they will not be available for tutoring due to a holiday or vacation please let me know a week in advance. 48 hours notice is required to cancel sessions or sessions are charged a complete fee.

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“Sharon gave my boys confidence in their ability to read in working with them over the summer. She zeroed in on their interests immediately and catered the tutoring to include those interests. Sharon’s manner is gentle, her home is cozy and warm and she clearly enjoys working with children. She has given my kids tools that they reference as I read with them now. I recommend Sharon highly. Any child who has the chance to be tutored by Sharon will always remember her. She’s that kind of teacher.” — Martha’s Vineyard Parent