School Leadership, What Makes a School Great?- Part 4

School Leadership: What Makes a School Great?- Part 4

School leadership is a selfless act.

School leadership is about taking care of those that are entrusted to you.  It is a selfless act and is not about receiving a title or acknowledgement. Cared for, happy employees are more productive in their work and feel invested in the community they work in. Great principals give recognition to their faculty and are respectful of the work they do. Furthermore, they set challenging stretch goals, set the standard of how to be an ongoing learner and are willing to try new things and experiment without revamping everything. Principals should have their finger on the pulse of the school and be aware of what is going on in various classrooms and distinct relationships in the school. A great school leader has the judgment about what traditions to preserve and when to experiment with something new. They are flexible, especially in their thinking and look for creative solutions to problems as opposed to being stuck in doing the same thing over and over again. …read more

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