School Admissions Consulting

I have a comprehensive admissions strategy that assists parents in all aspects of the application process. As a teacher at Dalton, I interviewed applicants for kindergarten.  I’m one of the few private school admissions consultants in New York City who has an insider’s perspective through more than 10 years experience working at NYC independent schools. I specialize in identifying some of the great “under the radar schools” that parents may overlook. As a former independent school teacher and public school technology consultant, I have extensive knowledge of the true differences between specialized public schools, gifted and talented classrooms within a public school and private schools. There are several different packages available to fit your needs, from school selection and admissions strategies to student assessment and standardized test preparation. The initial session is 2 hours for a single option admissions process and 2 ½ hours for public and independent school admissions processes. Whether you’re moving from London, Hong Kong, or California to New York City with children, I can assist you with choosing a neighborhood and choosing a school.  I can help you decide where to live based on the school choices. I’m most experienced in Manhattan private and public schools and Brooklyn private schools. I can help you understand the  distinction and decide which is the right fit for your family.  E-mail me at to schedule a consultation, today!


General Questions

1. When should I begin the Kindergarten Admissions process? School Tours?
I meet with parents year-round who would like Admission information. If your child will be applying to schools in the upcoming school year (Fall-Winter), it is not too early to reach out in January to schedule a meeting in February, March or April. School tours open in the Spring.
2. Do you advise on Public or Independent schools?
I advise on Public, Independent or both. Some families already know which type of school they would like, but some do not. Therefore, I like to present all the options. The initial session is 2 hours for a single option admissions process and 2 ½ hours for public and independent school admissions processes.
3. How do Nursery or Pre-Schools calculate the age at which children can be admitted?
Schools use the child’s year and month to determine when they can be admitted. For example, when they say 2.2, they’re referring to 2 years and 2 months.
4. I’ve just moved to the city, can you help me?
Welcome to New York! I can definitely help you settle in by showcasing what New York City has to offer in regard to education.

Scheduling, Payment, and Cancellation Policy

1. How do I schedule an Admissions Consulting session?
You can schedule a session via e-mail or phone.
2. If I (parent) need to cancel or reschedule a session, how much notice do I need to give? Will you still charge me a fee?
48 hours notice before a session is required. Sessions not cancelled more than 48 hours in advance are charged a fee for the session.
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“Sharon has a patient and effective style of teaching: she walks you through the knowledge and methodology behind (test) questions and efficiently reinforces the content as well. Not only did Sharon help with the entrance exam preparation, but also with the entire admissions process from the applications to the essays. She was very knowledgable about what schools expect/like in prospective students and the right strategy for applying.” — High School Student
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