Join the Maker Movement

Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to build a robot or motorize your Legos?

You can. Join the Maker Movement. This Saturday 9/21/13 & Sunday 9/22/13, 10 am – 6 pm, at World Makerfaire at the New York Hall of Science.

Dale Dougherty, CEO Maker FaireThe Maker Movement is the widespread adoption of Do It Yourself – DIY, culture where anyone can learn to design and create things with modern technology tools.  MAKE Magazine’s How to articles and YouTube videos teach people skills in quilting, woodworking, welding, knitting, electronic circuit boards wiring and robot building, thus making it accessible to everyone. At MakerFaire Bay Area in May, I met Dale Dougherty the father of the Maker Movement.  He is the CEO of Maker Media, the publisher of MAKE Magazine and creator of the MakerFaire. This photo shows me and Dale Dougherty at Makerfaire Education Day. I was a Makerfaire tour guide for a 6th grade class from Los Altos, CA on Education Day. Dale talked about the importance of teachers who spread their passion for making things to students. Dale described how these old skills have been updated with new technology and tools and sparked a new generation of wood carpenters, knitters, quilters, robot builders and more.

Bay Area MakerFaire, May 2013

I witnessed a host of kids being makers, creators, and innovators. I met Sylvia Todd of Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show.  Sylvia had just returned from a visit to the White House Science Fair to demonstrate her robot that paints for President Barack Obama.

Sharon and Sylvia

Sylvia Robot paints

Google + Summer Camp

This past July and August MAKE magazine and company did it again, pairing with Google + to  put together a free “virtual summer camp.” While targeting teens, 13-18 years old, because of the virtual nature, “tinkerers” of all ages can still do many of the activities with their parents. The Maker Camp is one inventive way to keep kids engaged and involved in all types of interesting projects, even during the school year. The camp not only gives them a chance to experiment and try their hand at all things, such as toy design and fabrication or creating their own version of the classic games like Operation, but it also encourages them to learn through trial and error in the most relaxed setting they know, their home!

Radio Shack Weekend Project 15 - Repeat After Me

The Maker movement which has taken off in the past decade has become more pervasive because the internet has created spaces where “passionate makers find other passionate makers” to share, collaborate, and create together. This movement is especially important for children of all ages because it encourages any and every child to harness their creative nature in order to hone their problem solving skills. Children are makers at heart. They use Rainbow Loom to learn how to make bracelets, some, eventually being able to create their own jewelry with semi-precious stones, perhaps. They build houses, cars and toys with legos or wood.

I hope you’re getting excited because now its your turn! At World Maker Faire this weekend (9/21/13-9/22/13) the creating continues…

World MakerFaire, New York City, September 2013

New York City welcomes World MakerFaire, from September 21-22, 2013 at the NY Hall of Science in Queens. I have no doubt that it will be just as exciting, inspiring, and innovative, as MakerFaire Bay Area this past spring.

Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, Roominate Co-Creators

Come play with Roominate Toy, a wired dollhouse. Since, many girls already grow up playing with dollhouses, creators Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, created Roominate, so they can wire those rooms to have lights that they’ll be able to switch off and on using the complete circuit that comes with each kit.

After stopping by Roominate’s booth, try your hand at building your own Marshmallow shooter using PVC pipe. See how far your “mallow” can travel using just air pressure!

Roominate ClassroomAnd before you head out for the day, be sure to make a keepsake. Solder your very own Maker Shed pin, with lights and all.Maker Faire Pin

Bring the Maker movement into your home; innovate and create.  Don’t forget to go inside the NY Hall of Science to see the museum’s maker space and other makers inside. I’ll be at MakerFaire this weekend, will you?!

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